1. Hey Theodore Roosevelt, remember that time someone tried to assassinate you, but you just laughed and proceeded to give a 90-minute long speech with the bullet lodged in your lung, where it remained for the rest of your life? Or when you tore up your leg after being thrown into piranha-infested waters while exploring uncharted Brazil? Or all those times you broke your ribs from falling off horses while doing bad-ass jumps? Or when you destroyed the sight in your left eye in a White House boxing match? Or that time you killed a cougar in a knife fight (seriously.)? And how the only way death could finally get to you was in your sleep, in the early morning on this day in 1919. Here’s to TR as the infinite inspiration for pure, condensed badassery. ;)




    Theodore Roosevelt, October 27, 1858 – January 6, 1919

    “Death had to take him sleeping, for if Roosevelt had been awake there would have been a fight.”

     Original Badass.

    All of our presidents combined can’t add up to how much of a badass he was.

    TR Appreciation Post ‘12

    Not to mention he was an attractive mother fucker.

    Best. President. EVER. He actually fought

    I can’t even be mad at this one. 

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