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    I turned off my podcast and webcomic tonight. I didn’t kill them off indefinitely, I’ve just put them on hiatus until mid-October. While they are both a huge part of my “online brand,” they also require a huge amount of my time.

    It’s time to readjust my priorities and the truth is my analog life has become more robust, rewarding and demanding. I have goals that Google Analytics cannot measure. There are tangibles I need to create to creatively supplement my income. More importantly, I need to rest more and eat better so my mind can function at an optimal level. I need to enhance the value of my relationships, starting with my family and friends who were there long before I gained the moniker “Fave.”

    Speaking of relationships, I have to re-train some associates on how to best interact with me. Better boundaries need to be set. I love helping people but I’m learning that disclosing every talent is not for everyone. Some people will drain you of all your resources, without concern for your well being. Others gauge your likability and worth solely on what you can do for them and have the audacity to act brand new when you can’t accommodate their needs on their timeline…for free. When this happens and frustration sets in, there’s no one to blame but me - so its up to me to use my discernment, manage expectations and set the tone of my relationships so that everybody wins and reciprocity triumphs over opportunistic energy.

    I have new habits to form…rituals that will shape the next 20 years of my life, God willing. My heroes are dynamic content creators, with very little media consumption. I have to change my diet. Every minute counts, even the ones where I do nothing. I must meditate and pray more. It’s imperative that I read the wealth of knowledge buried in books, waiting for me to activate it in the world and drastically change my life for the better. There’s a burning desire for me to revolutionize my workflow so that I am one of the best in my professional and creative careers. I can’t do that staring at Photoshopped pictures on Facebook or tweeting 20-30 times a day. Social media has its place, but gluttony of those tools is extremely unhealthy and counterproductive to the greatness that must happen in my life NOW.

    I’m taking this time to implement better ways to build strategies at my workplace, produce higher quality podcasts and world class webcomics. I’m reaching out to more heroes who will impart the wisdom needed to elevate my career, launch my animated series and leverage my music connections. I want to run (not walk) 5Ks and 10Ks. I’m going to launch a 5K run of my own. I’m going to build a network of designers and artists that make world changing content. I’m poised to remix my entire life through better choices, greater discipline and laser light focus.

    I don’t need to plan. Research has been done. It’s not what I’m going to do, it’s what I’m doing RIGHT NOW. And any success I achieve through this journey is automatically credited to God’s mercy and favor with the realization that only what I do for Him will last.

    I’ve lived so many lifetimes in my short time on earth. Each bundle of experiences has prepared me for this moment and my dreams have an urgency like you wouldn’t believe. It’s go time. Everyone won’t make it with me. I’m going to piss some people off. I’m going to fight in ways I have never fought before to reach the heights I have never seen before. I don’t expect anyone to understand, but it’s crystal clear to me that my life is in the midst of a serious upgrade and nothing is going to stop me. Not even me.

    Until next time.


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