1. We did it…well, we’re doing it. It’s Day Five of our 5-Day Health Challenge!!! Now that we’re in the last day of our challenge, it’s time to reflect on the lessons learned and how to duplicate best practices, right? RIGHT? Before we get into all that, I think we should raise our juice glasses and celebrate. I’m especially proud because there is such a negative report on the health of (black men) and I wanted to get involved in something that would enlighten me while sharing with other MoC and people in general.

    Moving forward, this experience has taught me a lot about the power of micronutrients, the psychological aspects of hunger and of course, my undying hatred for beets that laid dormant in my soul for decades*lol* Of course I made some necessary deviations and I actually drank more vegetable/fruit juices than what were required in our Express Plan. More importantly, I’ve come to the following resolutions:

    1. I will juice at least once per day.
    2. I will eat more vegetables, fruits and legumes in my meals.
    3. I will have at least 2 meatless days per week.
    4. I will preserve the sexy of my salad game.
    5. I will continue to exercise a minimum 2-3 times per week.

    I can’t front. I feel good great. I’m seven pounds lighter (which was unexpected). While the challenge may be coming to and end, I believe this is just the beginning of a new and improved aspect of my lifestyle.

    S/O to my brother, Will, for taking this challenge with me. I’m glad I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and found inspiration in Joe Cross’ journey. The support on Facebook was a pleasant surprise (I honestly didn’t think too many people would care) and I discovered a lot of people are juicing, smoothie-ing and taking proactive measures to improve their nutrition and overall health.

    Check our respective celebratory videos after the jump and get your groove on to the last “life” song of this challenge, “Raw Life” by Foreign Exchange.

  2. For years, Will Dawson and I have gone on several online and real life adventures. We’ve rocked commentary on various podcasts, hosted our own show and managed to leverage our social media styles at the GRAMMYS. After nearly a decade of reaching out, we are now reaching within and examining our health.

    We both watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead - a documentary film by Joe Cross that captures his journey across the US while on a 60-day juice fast. The film was a catalyst for me to revisit some necessary health improvements. I was also interested in chronicling my own journey as a POC which is something I rarely see in this context. Will shared the same sentiment so, after extensive research, formula testing and conference calls a random IM conversation and some Photoshop work, we came up with REBOOT DAT LIFE: WILL & FAVE’S 5-DAY HEALTH CHALLENGE.

    Based on the Express Plan on JointheReboot.com, we’re spending the next five days juicing vegetables and fruit while making health conscious meals, salads, treats, etc. We’ll be posting our parallel journeys on our respective sites (dawsonink.com and favoritenitemare.com) to share our thoughts during this challenge.

    We’ll also have daily YouTube videos to document our progress PLUS our favorite “life-centric” song of the day. Of course, all of this will be shared on our Twitter (@dawsonink and @fave) and Facebook page. Your words of encouragement and support would be off the chain. This week it’s going down — our greatest collaboration to date.

    Check out my thoughts on Day One after the jump as ride out to my first “life-centric” joint of this journey: Eric Roberson's rendition of Mary J. Blige's “My Life.” Controlling my life. Altering my nutrition. Deleting my bad habits. It's time to REBOOT DAT LIFE.

  3. Good morning Chocolate Pimp,

    Lord knows I need to do better with my nutrition and overall health (i.e., exercise, rest, etc.) so I took some time earlier this year to research “green smoothies.” While no particular recipe rocked my world, I took pieces from different ones as well as experimented with different flavors to come up with my own smooth inventions. The Chocolate Pimp is by far one of my favorites as it takes GREAT and is packed with vitamins and flavor:

    Fave’s Chocolate Pimp (Green Smoothie)

    2 c. frozen spinach

    1 c. frozen strawberries

    1 frozen banana

    1 scoop of chocolate protein powder

    1/2 c. plain yogurt

    2 c. coconut water

    Blend thoroughly and enjoy. This makes two servings so enjoy one now and have a midday treat or share your new sexy smoothie creation with a friend. 

    Until next time.